Discipleship Track

Discipleship Track

Christianity 101 delivers a refreshingly simple, but profound message of God’s love, His grace, and an understanding of who you are as a believer. Whether you are a new follower of Christ or have been a believer for many years, the insightful lessons in Christianity 101 will give you a fresh perspective on the basics. Those who have used, and are presently using this material, have discovered a solid means of establishing their own foundation of Christian faith, as well as a priceless tool to help disciple others. Christianity 101 is designed as a discipleship tool to be used one-on-one, or in a classroom setting.

Christianity 101 is the first step in our Disciplship Track here at RiverLIfe Fellowship, with Discipleship of believers being one of our primary focuses. We believe that every member is called to be a minister, and this is one of the most effective tools available to begin the process of helping Christians grow.

Classes are offered continuously, in many different settings. Anyone who has been through 101 and 201 can teach 101. We encourage our members to take their friends and family through 101 once they've completed it.

If you would like to get in a class contact our office.

A Unique and Powerful two-day Encounter designed to immerse you in the presence of God. You will learn what doors you have opened to satan that allow him to work in your life and how to shut those doors. You will encounter God on a deeper and more intimate level, as you seek only Him, through worship, prayer, and small group sessions. We recommend Encounter for everyone, but it is geared towards those who have been through Christianity 101.

Encounter is typically held at the Baptist Retreat Center in McNeill, MS beginning on Friday night around 5:30 pm through Saturday, with the closing session beginning around 7:30 pm. The cost includes on the grounds sleeping accommodations, dinner on Friday, and three meals on Saturday, as well as snacks and refreshments.

Spring Encounter 2022 is March 25-26. Click to Register Now!

This ten-week interactive discipleship tool offers hope for anyone who is eager to fulfill the Great Commission. It is a must for every believer and church leader. These practical truths are not just religious rhetoric; they have been beaten out on the anvil of personal experience.

Discipleship 201 is designed to help believers walk as overcomers and grow in their spiritual journey. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with the first volume entitled, Christianity 101. If you are passionate about learning to be a committed, dedicated, and bold Christian, dive into Discipleship 201.

This is the second step in the Discipleship track here at RiverLife Fellowship. Once you've completed 101, we encourage you to continue your Discipleship with this study. This class is also offered continuously by different teachers in different settings.

If you are interested in getting into a Disicpleship 201 class Contact Our Office.

The purpose of this school is to equip and disciple leaders for the work of the ministry. Overall the School of Ministry must be about transformation and not information. It should be more about impartation from the instructors than going through teaching material. Even though we have books to read, outlines to explore, and sessions to teach, our purpose goes beyond attending a class. We desire that each student finish the classes challenged, equipped, and prepared for ministry in the local church. We believe that the best training ground for ministry is hands-on, thus our session will include three aspects, inspiration, information, and impartation.

You must complete Christianity 101 and Discipleship 201 to be eligible for this course. This is the final phase in our Discipleship Track. Once you've completed this step you are considered a Dream Team Member.

Classes are typically in step with the school year and vary in dates and times. This is a two-semester course. For more information contact our office.

Next Class Starts September 2022!!

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